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Smiles From Drew

This web site honors the memory of Drew Lighthall by raising money for our local Santa Fe youth to participate in extracurricular activities.

Smiles From Drew was started by the loss of one incredible young man with his family wanting to honor his memory. Drew Lighthall loved playing football and the family and friends he made while playing. He looked forward all year for another season of SF YAFL to come around. In his honor his family started Smiles From Drew so that other children could experience the love of football. Drew’s family knows all too well how hard it can be to pay for the registration costs that come with the sport. More than anything, Drew enjoyed seeing people happy. If he knew that the tragedy of losing him too early has opened up the gates for others to experience the joy of the game he would be so proud and honored. The money Smiles From Drew  raises will pay for scholarships for kids to play Santa Fe YAFL and other extra-curricular activities.

Drew in his 49’ers football picture.

Smiles From Drew was lucky enough to sponsor a T-ball team this year (2017) with the AABC Program. We had a great time and a had a great group of kids as the Fighting Squirrels! Most of the kids on the team this was their first year doing any kind of sport. My heart was full seeing all those Squirrels learning how to play on a team!

2017 Fighting Squirrels T-ball team.

2017 Fighting Squirrels

2016 Season: We were so glad to have helped so many great kids this season. I can’t thank the people enough that have helped us get here. There are so many people I can thank. All of you that have bought coffee, bracelets, and t-shirts thank you!!! I also want to thank the people that come out and help with our events. We couldn’t do it without you!

2016 Smiles From Drew Scholarship Recipients.
2016 Smiles From Drew Scholarship Recipients.


4 Comments on “Smiles From Drew

  1. I met you Drew through my Lil brother Raul. Since I met you we became pretty good friends.You Always had a smile. It’s been real sad not being able to see you just to say hi. Drew love you man. May you RIP. May your Legacy live on. ML&R.

    • I knew drew since I was young his sister Madison and I had a class together in 2nd grade he was also in wrestling with my brother. He was a senior at my higschool and I was in 7th grade the school went from 7-12 anyway I will never forget drew walking down the halls highfiving giving hugs or just a great big smile he was so nice and funny and he could tell if you were having a bad day and he would make it better rest drew I hope you are having a blast up there.

  2. Saw the article in today’s paper. I was one of Drew’s teachers at Tierra Encantada (Wilson Plowman). Both my wife and I (school nurse at Ramirez-Thomas and gave sex education classes at Tierra Encantada) were really touched by Drew. Although both of us are now retired please keep us updated on your organization. Drew was a help to me and I suspect other teachers many times keeping other students focused and on task and out of trouble. And besides all of that he was just a joy to be around.

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